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Ciao 🙂

As you may have guessed, I am a teacher. But before being a teacher, I am above else a passionate extrovert, eclectic, wide-ranging, receptive and curious person. Since I was young I have loved three things (in no particular order): Food, books and the sea. Perhaps more than those, as I must include art, traditions, cinema, literature, history, castles, architecture . . .  I like knowing and I like helping people to know my culture. It is for this reason that I chose my line of work. I teach the Italian language and the Italian culture – a complex job, but one that I adore.  

I was born and grew up in San Severino Marche, going on to study in Urbino, Rome, Siena and Macerata. Loving history, historical documents and libraries, I worked as an archivist for several years. However, in 2006 I took a shot in the dark. I went back in to studying and everything changed. From that point, I have been an Italian teacher. Since 2012 I have lived in England, first in London and now in Kent. Thus, I await you here with Time to be Italian!

Professional background:

I have ten years of teaching experience. Since 2013, I have been teaching the Italian language to the general public, university students and business professionals at the Modern Language Centre at King’s College London. In the past, I taught in different schools in Italy from 2007 to 2012. 

I received my bachelor degree in “Conservazione dei beni culturali” – Conservation of cultural heritage at the University of Urbino in 2000. I have an MA in second language teaching “Didattica Italiano L2/LS in prospettiva interculturale” – Didacticism of Italian as both a Second and a Foreign Language within an Intercultural Perspective. This was achieved from the University of Macerata (Italy) and my final thesis focused on the ‘youth slang’.  In addition to this, hold an official PG teaching qualification, D.I.T.A.L.S from the University for Foreigners in Siena, Italy.  

Over the years I have designed, developed and run different workshops for students of all levels (Italian and Arts, Italian and Opera, Italian Mafia, to mention a few). I have also designed and run workshops for teacher training programmes. I have an expertise in teaching language through drama techniques and teaching language within a cultural and intercultural perspective. I have attended many courses and seminars on the topic and developed substantial teaching resources in the field. Also, I have presented my work at conferences at University level in the UK. For KCL I have designed and set up from scratch a language and culture course for intermediate students.

Since 2016 I teach and coach the Italian language online. I attended the Online teachers Summit on April 2017 and different webinars and courses to keep myself up to date with the latest trends and research in teaching tools, technologies and also methodologies and materials. I constantly attend courses and seminars in Italy, the UK and internationally. Teaching is first learning!

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