The use of the verbs ‘parlare’ and ‘dire’

    In the video, I explain the differences between the use of 'parlare' and 'dire'. They are similar verbs but with different meanings and uses.     PARLARE: Per comunicare, esprimere pensieri attraverso le parole: Ha solo 4 anni ma parla...

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Italian colloquialism – che pizza!

  Pizza is what we know, a delicious food to eat. But pizza has a lot of secrets. In Italian, we also use the word 'pizza' for another meaning. In the spoken Italian 'che pizza' can be synonymous for 'what a bore' or in...

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Italian expression – mangiare a sbafo

      Hi, Here it is a video about an Italian expression -a sbafo- we use to say that someone is doing things for free, or someone is paying for him/her.It is a negative expression, to underline the action of not...

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How to order coffee in Italian and some cultural aspect of it

  Ciao a tutti, It has been a while since my last post. Here I am with a new video! It is the first of a series that you will see in the future. So, if you do not want to miss anything, sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to see my videos . . . and...

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