Are you ready to explore new language skills and feel positive and adventurous? 

This programme would help you to feel more at ease while communicating.

You know how easy it can be to become tongue-tied to find yourself wanting to ask something or wanting to share how much you ALREADY know about that particular food or that particular thing but the words just don’t come out right? What if you could say the right thing at the right time?…

So, this program is called “Il pranzo della domenica” like an Italian meal on Sunday. It will be enjoyable, rich, intense, and friendly.

It is a three-week course, it required a reasonable commitment from you out of which will come great benefits!

This will help you:

  • to learn a first step towards communicating in Italian more spontaneously.
  • to better understand spoken Italian.
  • to help you to communicate and not just to speak in Italian.
  • to learn also through culinary traditions.

Communicating also means how, why, when and when not to, it means being able to connect the language skills you learned to the experience of being in Italy and communicating in Italian!

It will certainly be a full immersion programme where you will have a handful (not too many!) of assignments over the three weeks. Nothing tough or impossible, but more than enough to feel the benefit at the end of it. I will support you through a forum, personal emails, videos and voice chat… you will also receive personal feedback.

Most significant results and benefits receive:

  • Understanding some Italian culinary traditions
  • You will learn some colloquialisms, and how to use certain words or phrases in particular situations.
  • You will be able to interact with other learners like you
  • You will practice speaking and improve in the comfort of your own home and in your own time and I will help you step by step.
  • You don’t need to be in front of the screen at a certain time because all of the tutorials will be pre-recorded and delivered to your email

These are things you could never learn from a textbook and are something I know you will value immensely. As you know, being Italian is more than reading a book and this will be your “kick-off” to your speaking and listening skills!

The cost is £180* – The course is running every two months for three weeks.

Next one is starting on the 12th of February 2018 and early birds (until the 4th of February) will have it for just £120*

Maximum 8 participants.

If you wish to be part of it please complete the following form to be added to the programme waiting list.

I will then send you an email with all the details. 

I am looking forward to starting the programme with you.

It’s time to be Italian!

*all the prices are also in dollars ask me for any clarifications.

Come on board 🙂

5 + 7 =

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