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source link Are you ready to explore new language skills and feel positive and adventurous with your speaking?

follow url Let’s journey through spoken Italian together
go to link Keep your key’s handy, here is the programme:
    • Learn to speak Italian with up-to-date content and feel connected to Italian culture
    • Improve your SPOKEN ITALIAN
    • Become more spontaneous when speaking in Italian and use the language you are studying with confidence
    • go to link Learn how to prioritize speaking in your learning process
    • If you need to travel to and around Italy, live there or you just love the melody of the Italian language! There is a 3-week and 6-week programme. The time commitment per week is calculate for 3.5hrs per week. They say the journey matters more than the destination, so here’s what our journey will give you:

  • learn  HOW TO COMMUNICATE in Italian spontaneously
  • acquire strategies to speak clearly in an articulate way
  • speak without translating
  • understand spoken Italian better
  • acquire strategies to slow native speakers down naturally
  • be able to take turns and feel confident when conversing with native speakers
  • familiarise myself with key topics of Italian culture and lifestyle
  • develop strategies to paraphrase, acquire vocabulary and colloquialisms

diclofenac sodium gel 3 buy online What levels of Italian do I need to be to be able to do this programme?

The course kamagra 20mg bula is suitable for a variety of levels, the minimum entry requirements are an intermediate level of Italian (equivalent to 2 years of study). Please if are thinking to do this programme contact me and we will  arrange a free 15 minute live assessment.

Tell me more about the programme:

There is a 3-week and 6-week programme. The time commitment per week is calculate for 3.5hrs per week.

The programme is focused on spoken language structure, vocabulary, interaction, everyday speech, how to argue a point, improvisation. It is a speaking practice journey with constant feedback. It is also focused on subjects like traditions, food, Italian daily life and modern Italy.
Each week you will have:
  • 1 one to one live coaching call for conversation practice (60 minutes) via zoom
  • A recording of the session with notes of it and feedback which will be delivered to you via Google docs
  • 1 audio/video material designed for self-study + practice posted to my SoundCloud c channel and Vimeo channel
  • 1 assignment sent by email to keep you on track with your speaking (the assignment is a speaking activity that you have to record, I will send you the tools to do that)
During the programme you will have:
  • a private Forum page you can access for Q&A regarding the assignments, language issues that you may have during the programme
  • personal video feedback for each assignment
At the end of the programme you will have:
  • Q&A final live session (30 minutes)

3-week programme

£ 280

6-week programme


I was really impressed of the programme content by the huge amount of work that Barbara put into preparing the course materials, including her online presentations and videos, to make sure it was engaging, interesting and relevant to what I wanted to work on. Throughout the programme Barbara invited my feedback and comments and she would suggest amendments and tweaks if she felt things would work better as a result (they inevitably did!). 

Katherine Wallis

Copy-editor, transcriber and translator

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