Would you like to improve your speaking and listening? Good, you are in the right place – Here are my Programs and Online Lessons

If you would like toĀ speak with me about your needs to improve your Italian and assess your level why not book one of my free 30-minute sessions? I will be more than happy to help you and chose the right program for you. šŸ™‚

Il pranzo della Domenica (from intermediate level)

Are you ready to explorenew language skills andĀ feel positive and
This programme wouldĀ help you to feel more at easeĀ while communicating andĀ listening the spoken Italian.

Italian on Skype/Zoom (all levels)

Do you want to learn Italian for pleasure, for your professional and personal needs
and to better understand Italian culture? Do you want to improve your
conversational skills? You are in the right place, discover here the right options for

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