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Do you want to speak spontaneously and understand the spoken Italian?

How I work and how I will help you ūüôā

My teaching philosophy is based on a communicative, learner-centered and multidisciplinary approach.

My programs are underpinned by the communicative approach, focusing on producing meaningful and real communication. This is key, as it enables you to gradually gain confidence in the language and to be able to use it in real-life situations. 

Through a deep understanding of contexts and their cultural implications, you will develop a sound basis for comprehending and using new language structures and vocabulary.

I use materials designed specifically for you from authentic Italian texts, such as newspapers, magazines and other publications, videos and the internet. By getting to know Italian culture in its many aspects, you can enjoy a well-rounded learning experience that allows you to develop skills for independent learning.

I will help you to:

  • speak with confidence
  • understand the spoken Italian
  • discover many aspects of the Italian culture

From the Blog:

The use of the verbs ‘parlare’ and ‘dire’

    In the video, I explain the differences between the use of 'parlare' and 'dire'. They are similar verbs but with different meanings and uses.     PARLARE: Per comunicare, esprimere pensieri attraverso le parole: Ha solo 4 anni ma parla...

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