With Barbara, learning Italian has been fun, interactive and informative!

I gained in-depth understanding on Italian culture as well over years of lessons with Barbara.

She has been always well-prepared for each lesson, thorough and professional.

Highly recommended!

Kim Y.


I’ve studied Italian with Barbara for 2 years, and my Italian has improved immensely, giving me confidence in both grammar and conversation. She teaches with flair a range of topics, is knowledgeable of Italian culture and in classes she takes the time to provide individual help and feedback. 

Gemma B.



What I loved most about Barbara teaching, lessons

I loved my lessons with Barbara and always really looked forward to them. Barbara has a very natural and engaging teaching style which really connects her with her students. Learning a foreign language is primarily about communication and gaining confidence in using a new and unfamiliar language – Barbara is fantastic at encouraging her students to explore using their new language skills and feel positive and adventurous in using them. Over the time that I was taught by Barbara I noticed a definite improvement in my speaking, reading, writing and listening capabilities in Italian.

Why do I think Barbara is different from other teachers 

Barbara is really dedicated to her students in a way that I think sets her apart from other teachers. She is willing to respond to questions and provide support outside of the formal class environment, going way above and beyond her formal teaching commitment. She also takes great care to plan and structure her sessions and makes really good use of technology and teaching material to illustrate, engage and also get her students to work! I particularly appreciated the  time and effort she puts in to planning her lessons and her willingness to help with questions and queries in between lessons. 

What I like the most of Barbara teaching

Barbara recognises that learning a language is not just about acquiring the tools of grammar and vocab but as importantly about using them in a cultural sense: how, why, when and when not to! As well as regional differences and dialects. This really helped me to connect the language skills I learned with Barbara to the experience of being in Italy and communicating in Italian, which has been invaluable to me.  

Katherine W.


Learning a foreign language, especially while working, can be very difficult, painful, and something that may not stay with you. But with Barbara, the whole process of learning is very entertaining and funny. And, after just couple of classes, you will fall in love with Italy and everything Italian. Barbara has so much energy and enthusiasm, and is always very well prepared that you wish you could speak and write in Italian immediately just to be able to have long conversations with her. Barbara really has the ability to make the classes interesting and entertaining. Times fly during her lessons, and you just wish you had more time! Barbara also has very good understanding of your difficultness, is very patient and flexible when it comes to timing of classes. I can only recommend her as a Skype teacher ss well as face to face tutor either in a group, or one-to-one classes.

Tea T.


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